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Fence Builders of Oklahoma is one of the few fencing companies in the Tulsa area to offer any type of warranty let alone a written warranty that covers materials and labor. Our philosophy is this- we have put in countless hours of time and research to the fullest extent to provide the absolute best and highest quality materials for you that will not only last for the warranty period, but well beyond for years to come. No other fence company can argue with our building process and materials. With all of this, we felt the least that we can do to show you how much we stand behind our products, how they will react and last to a changing environment, and how they are the absolute best for you the customer, we warranty our products and installation at no charge for 1 year. We also offer extended warranties for 2 and 5 years for a minimal charge.  When we started this company we had two options, to build with excellent materials that would last for a long time, or build with sub par, shoddy materials that would last for a few years. Aren’t you glad that we chose to build with the greatest materials offered here in Oklahoma? A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. We are that company! Fence Builders of Oklahoma stands behind your expectations, our building techniques, our quality materials, our suppliers,  our employees, and most of all our reputation to bring you the absolute best, the best the fence industry has to offer!

1 Year Warranty

Once our sign is on your fence, you're guaranteed for 1 year! 

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